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About Us

Special Sales, Inc. was founded in 1987 in Greenville, S.C. Our specialty is providing
sources for tight tolerance machined parts, jigs, gages, fixtures, engineering (design and
build), special cutting tools made to print, special tooling and cutting tool

Our customer base is varied with Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, and Medicine among
others seeking value added solutions and with SSI providing answers. We have provided
solutions for: GE, Bosch, Koyo, Faiveley Transport, Schaeffler Technologies (INA),
Turbomeca, Capsugel, and others.


SSI provides solutions in Tight Tolerance machining that are second to none. We have the ability
to take on projects using state of the art equipment in 5 axis milling, jig bores, jig grinders,
grinding, turning, EDM, and others.


We also offer engineering solutions from concept to design to models to final product.

Special Cutting Tools

SSI provides a high quality line of special cutting tools made to print used in high temp
alloys, titanium, stainless steel, aluminum/ non-ferrous, and composites. Our cutting tools
are priced competitively on cost per cut, with a longer lasting tool life, and with a reduced
down time.

Tool Regrind and Repair

Want to decrease your cost on buying new tools? Do the specials that we made for you
need to continue in production? SSI offers a cutting tool regrind and resharpen, index-able
tool holder repair, rest blade recondition and an insert regrind service.